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Production Control Program Sample for kindergarten, composed in 2019. (PPK - Word, PLK - EXCEL) file contains: a program of industrial inspection, laboratory testing program. Have video PPK. Subject to editing for your organization!
program sections:
Passport data; Regulations; The list of functions for the implementation of production control; Control of the applied disinfectants; San.epid cleaning regimes and processing facilities; Organization of collection and disposal of waste; A list of job positions to be honey. inspections; Forms for the medical check-up studies; Professional hygienic training and certification; Events providing study Safety for humans and the environment ...; Map of critical control points; Hygiene and bacteriological research; Measures needed to exercise effective control ...; Vaccine; The list of possible emergencies; Recommended forms of accounting and reporting in accordance with applicable law; The list of registration forms for the observance of sanitary legislation; The list of reporting forms to comply with the sanitary legislation; The list of factors for the research; laboratory control program; The range of factors; Forms magazines.
30.06.2018 10:05:03
Заплатила и скачала спасибо, товар соответствует описанию
30.06.2018 9:53:58
ППК загрузилась все ок, описание соответствует, за такие деньги очень хорошо.!!

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