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This instruction establishes the procedure and organization of the verification of adjustments when creating products in enterprises. WORD format. Designed in accordance with the requirements of the Quality Management System.
1 Purpose 3
2 Scope 3
3 Responsibility 3
4 Normative references 3
5 Definitions and abbreviations 3
6 Basic Provisions 6
7 Order of changes 9
8 Distribution. Storage
9 Appendix A (recommended) “Verification Journal” form
The instruction is universal (impersonal) and requires adaptation in relation to your organization or enterprise. Here you need to make a change in the name of the company JSC “Predpriyatie” or JSC “P” in the name of your organization. You can make it manually in the text or using the keyboard shortcut ctrl + H. It is also necessary to change the names of divisions (departments, workshops, positions) into divisions from your current organization structure.
07.04.2019 18:56:18
Cпасибо за инструкцию. Не стал парится делать новую, скачал и готово. Внёс название своего предприятия и вуаля. Прикольно, мне три дня начальник дал на разработку, а я потратил 5 минут.