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To save your money and make a profitable payment, we recommend using the payment method Fast payment System or "RU Card" the price will be commission-free.🤫🤩❗️ After payment, you receive a unique code that you need to inform the seller in the chat with the transaction that is available to you after payment.
You need to tell the login / password from your xbox live account to the seller to activate coins or tokens to your account, which you must link to Battlnet

In case you don´t have an XBOX account:
You can create an xbox account and link it to your Battle account.Net if you do not know how to do this, then after payment the seller will be happy to help you. 📌How to get coins for PC and link a Battle account.Net to Microsoft:

🔘 Link to your Battle account.Net Microsoft XBOX account.
🔘 Follow the link:
🔘 We find "Xbox LIVE".
🔘 Click connect.
⏳ The order is executed in a given time interval , from 5 minutes to 240 minutes ⏳
⏳ Average installation time 15 minutes😍
🔺 If you bought the product outside of business hours, expect us to contact you and make the installation!
🔺 For positive feedback you get a coupon for a 3% discount%
🔺Our schedule is from 9 to 23 GMT+3.
13.05.2024 18:32:27
супер, как всегда !
17.04.2024 21:20:24
Спасибо, помогли. Сделали быстро)
17.04.2024 19:53:47
Всё сделали быстро, спасибо продавцу!
17.04.2024 18:56:12
Сделали всё быстро, спасибо продавцу!
30.03.2024 17:39:52
Спасибо продавцу, оперативно и быстро выполнил работу.
23.03.2024 23:55:57
быстро надежно
13.03.2024 18:31:58
Ребятам спасибо, сделали быстро и качественно)
25.02.2024 16:51:05
Продавец сделал работу быстро и качественно, всё в срок)
21.02.2024 20:10:01
мне быстро ответили и помогли разобратся, рекомендую
21.02.2024 1:50:59
Всё супер, быстро сделали)

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