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❗❗❗ AUTOMATIC 24/7 ❗❗❗💯💰We recommend using the top payment method💸 - there is no commission💰💯
🔰After payment the process of activating the product to your account will begin
🔰Auto is carried out by a bot, it takes on average no more than 3 minutes.
🔴 To receive a gift, you need to provide a link to your Steam profile - NOT your login. Copy the link to your profile (in the upper right corner, click on your nickname, then profile) and enter in the field “link to your Steam profile”🔴
✅To speed up gift , you can use the quick friend invitation link (go to the "Friends" section - "Add as a friend" - create and copy the link)✅
🔰Extremely rarely, may be delayed🗺️Region for sending gifts: Russia ONLY (before purchasing, you can view your account region here✅
📫 method: Steam Gift - Gift to your account
🧾About the product: Steam Gift activation instructions:

✅1. Download and install the Steam client -
✅2. Create a new account or log in to an existing one.
✅3. Copy the link to your profile (click on your nickname in the upper right corner, then profile) and enter “link to your Steam profile” in the field.
✅4. Wait for a friend invitation from the bot and confirm it.
✅5. Activate a gift from the bot to the library.
✅6. Download the purchased game.
✅7. Enjoy🙂
⏳ of goods is carried out automatically 24/7⌛
⏳Technical support hours: 11:00-23:00 UTC+3⌛

💵 Refund Policy:

✅Item delivered - no return possible❌
❌Item not delivered:
❕ Our fault - full refund✅
❗ Your fault - refund minus 20% commission from the payment amount❗

💥If you have any questions, please contact us via chat, we will be happy to answer them!
12.07.2024 12:22:46
09.07.2024 15:57:42
все супер
02.07.2024 20:20:43
Всё пришло, бот сам добавился и удалился из друзей. Спасибо большое!
01.07.2024 19:36:38
Быстро, товар отличный!
29.06.2024 20:27:44
Всё четко и отлично))
27.06.2024 20:46:33
Брат переживал что обманут, но все пришло то что заказали, спасибо)
16.06.2024 19:10:31
Игру получила, спасибо! 🙌
11.06.2024 5:36:42
получил быстро, все дополнения полного издания в наличии, очень доволен
26.05.2024 14:04:58
Все быстро и без проблем.
25.05.2024 10:47:50
Good work! Thanks!

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